Wedding Photographer in Greece

wedding photographer in greece

It's quite a chalenge to be a wedding photographer in Greece. When you are a master at your art, you want everything to be perfect. Photography comes from the Greek words "phos" which means light and "grapho" which means writing. So photography means to write with light.

wedding photography is not a luxury

Everybody has a story. When a couple gets married means that 2 stories will merge into a new one. And we are there to capture this process.

This is why we are personal biographers. We will write by light your stories. And Greece is a good place for that, why there is a lot of light.

Pashalis Wedding photography

We are after true results no matter the work hours.
Our job is our life. We never go to work.

A wedding is a very important event for our lives. It is an essential moment of our lives.

This is why wedding photography is not a luxury.

Memories are invaluable and that's why you should trust only professionals to create a work that makes you and others feel something.

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